The PA DoH just pulled all cartridges with added food grade terps ...

"After finishing this review, the Department has determined that certain vaporized medical marijuana products containing some added ingredients have not been approved for inhalation by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA)."

Guess this means the FDA DID approve the THC?

Contact the PA DoH @ 888-733-5595 and complain.
You can also contact Wolf's Lair (that's what I call wolf's office) @ 717-787-2500 to complain.

Name: Keystone Kush
Type: Hybrid - Mixed
Medical Effects
Pain Relief: 100.00%
Headaches Relief: 93.10%
Inflammation Relief: 91.38%
Insomnia Relief: 15.52%
Stress Relief: 12.07%
Depression Relief: 10.34%
Nausea Relief: 5.17%
Cramps Relief: 1.72%
Fatigue Relief: 1.72%
Feeling Effects
Sleepy: 100.00%
Relaxed: 96.92%
Euphoric: 10.77%
Hungry: 7.69%
Happy: 6.15%
Creative: 6.15%
Uplifted: 1.54%
Energetic: 1.54%
Aroused: 1.54%
Giggly: 1.54%
Tingly: 1.54%
Negative Effects
Dizzy: 100.00%
Anxious: 50.00%

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